ECO-BUILDING SYSTEM NIGERIA LIMITED (EBSN) was incorporated in May 1998 with Registration No.: 335373. It is a wholly owned Nigerian Private Limited Liability company managed by renowned successful and reputable businessmen and women to provide quality, durable and affordable panel/modular houses for Nigerians. Our aim is to provide unique and affordable panel/modular houses for our teaming population. The houses are patterned after Eco-Building System (EBS) of the United States of America, a leading housing concern that has created a niche in the American market and whose continued commitment to research has left a mark in the American housing history.


Successful businesses develop around result-oriented culture and a set of principles that are well understood by management and staff. Our mission is to provide unique, timely, affordable and quality assured modular houses for Nigerians.


The need for housing development in Nigeria cannot be overemphasised. Apart from the teaming population, there is high cost of erecting conventional houses thereby making it expensive for most Nigerians. Our strategy is to produce quality houses in order to meet the housing needs in the country in the new millennium.


The technology is the architect of Eco-Building System incorporated in San Diego, Califonia in the United States of America. The main feature of the system is mass production of modular houses with minimum time possible. In fact, four houses can be assembled in a week compared to conventional houses which take minimum of eight months. The panel walls are normally mounted on a galvanised steel frame, which is the skeletal structure of the house. Another feature is the ceiling, which is made up of treated Ecoply. Roofing, plumbing and wiring are conventional but require skilled personnel to ensure that flawless integration with the ecocrete structure is achieved. A completed house is water proof, termites resistant and most importantly, cheap and affordable.


Our factory is fully equipped for ecocrete panel production as well as furnishing and fittings. The factory is organised into several sections such that the production process is streamlined.

These sections are:

(a) Ecocrete Production Section:
This department is responsible for the construction of Ecocrete panels, window hoods etc. The panels are produced to scale for easy installation.

(b) Galvanised Steel Frame Section:
This department is in charge of the fabrication of steel frames, which provides the structure upon which walls are mounted.

(c) Furniture Making Section:
This department produces all furniture requirements ranging from kitchen cabinets, doors to the construction of roof and ceiling noggins.

(d) Building/Architect Section:
The building design, project planning and execution is handled by this department.

(e) Administration/Accounts Department:
This department oversees the day to day running of the business and also keeps the financial records of the company.


We have completed twenty-two (22) bungalow units for the Presidency at Karu in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. We have also completed ten (10) three bedroom and ten (10) four bedroom bungalows also in Karu, Abuja, which are complemented by the beautiful land-scaping.

In Victoria Garden City (VGC), we have built four units of four-Bedroom detached houses with adorable landscaping, set by the waterfront. Also completed are five (5) units of four-bedroom twin duplexes, four (4) units of four-bedroom detached houses, two (2) units of five-bedroom detached houses, all situated on or close to Road 53 at Victoria Garden City (VGC), Lagos.

In Lekki Phase 1, we have completed twelve (12) four-bedroom twin duplexes, which are currently being managed in a serviced estate.

We have also constructed houses for individuals at Koko in Warri Delta State and Abuja.

Presently, we are constructing twenty (20) five-bedroom detached units with a penthouse at Ikota, Lagos.


One fact about Ecocrete modular houses is the speed of delivery. Our operation has been structured to ensure that we can deliver, at least, four houses in a week without undermining quality and durability.


Our rates are competitive in the building industry and moderate enough to attract patronage.


Eco-Building System was formed for the purpose of providing quality assured modular houses for the teaming population. This business focus has been built around dedicated Board of Directors with proven track records in commerce and industry. The Board is made up of;

(i) Dr. Maduka Nwakwesi (Chairman/Chief Executive):
A retired civil servant, he is an astute businessman with a track record in marine, building and social development. He is married with children.

(ii) Engr. Ralph Eke (Vice Chairman/Chief Executive):
An engineer of long standing exposure. A fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers and a member of many other engineering bodies. He has been a board member of Imprest Banking Nig. Plc and presently, is in the Board of ACEN Insurance Company Plc. He is the founder of Gomel Engineering Ltd, a firm of consulting Engineers heavily involved in the planning and design of Abuja Capital City.

(iii) Dr. (Mrs.) I. I. Maduka-Nwakwesi (Director):
A versatile business woman, she is a Medical Doctor whose experience in her amiable profession has provided valuable input to the growth and development of Eco-Building Systems Nigeria Ltd. Her vast experience in Medicine, Ship Management, Finance and Administration offered her the best combination of qualities. She is married with children.

(iv) Mr. Obinna Nwakwesi (Director Marketing ):
Head of marketing team, he holds a BA (Hons.) Business degree from Anglia University Cambridge, UK, and has experience in the banking industry having previously worked for Guaranty Trust Bank. His responsibilities include promoting the technology in order to boost sales. He is also involved in the management of various properties built by the company.

(v) Engr. Okechukwu Nwakwesi (Director Operations):
He holds MEng (Hons.) in Chemical Engineering and MSc (Distinction) in Building Services Engineering. An award winner as the best overall graduating student on MSc. He is a seasoned Engineer with extensive exposure in the marine and constructing industries.

(i) Engr. Ralph Eke (Vice Chairman/Chief Executive):
An engineer of long standing exposure. A fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers and a member of many other engineering bodies. He has been a board member of Imprest Banking Nig. Plc and presently, is in the Board of ACEN Insurance Company Plc. He is the founder of Gomel Engineering Ltd, a firm of consulting Engineers heavily involved in the planning and design of Abuja Capital City.

(ii) Mr. Okoro Magnus (Group General Manager):
A professionally qualified Accountant (ACA) with over 11 years post qualification experience and has worked in the manufacturing and service industries in manageria positions.

(iii) Mr. Chukwuemeka A. Onunkwo (Architect)
Mr. Chukwuemeka A. Onunkwo is the company's Architect and holds a Masters Degree in Architecture from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He provides the Architectural designs for Eco-Building System Nig. Limited.

(iv) Mr. S. Nweke (General Manager, Production):
Mr. S. Nweke is the General Manager, Production Services. He is a member of the Nigerian Institute of Building Construction. He has worked in various companies some of which are Siemens Nigeria Ltd., Enugu as the Group Leader (Route Survey), EMOCCI Nigeria Ltd. as Project Supervisor, ICC Nigeria Ltd., Technical Supervisor etc. Until his employment with Eco-Building Systems Nigeria Ltd, he was self employed as a Building Consultant. He is married with children.

(v) Engr. Chika Chukwuani (Project Manager):
Engr. Chika Chukwuani is an experienced design and construction manager with a fourteen (14) years track record in the design, construction and management of building/civil engineering projects in subtropical Africa. He holds a BSc (Hon.) Civil Engineering degree from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. His experience spans over a wide range of fields, including oil and gas. He is a COREN registered members and a corporate member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, the Nigerian Institute of Civil Engineers and the Nigerian Institute of Engineering Management.

(vi) Mr. Sylvester Ogbeifun (Quantity Surveyor):
He is a Quantity Surveyor by profession. He graduated in 1990 from the Federal Polytechnic Auchi with HND at upper Credit Level. He also obtained PGD in Finance Management from the University of Calabar in the year 2000. Ogbeifun is a registered member of the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (NIQS) and has over 10 years working experience drawn from construction and consultancy firms at managerial levels.

(vi) Barrister Paul C. Onwuamaegbu (Company Secretary/Legal Adviser):
Barrister Paul C. Onwuamaegbu holds LL.B (Hons) degree as the best graduating student of the faculty and was called to the Nigerian Bar as the Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria in 1995. He worked as a counsel in an SAN Chamber and later as a Private Legal Practitioner. He was employed as the Company Secretary/Legal Adviser in 1999 and has since been performing his duties most commendably.

In view of the pooling power of these top bracket professionals, the Board have been able to attract and keep the requisite quality of support personnel that has guaranteed the provision of high quality modular houses in the country.


Eco-Building Systems Nigeria Limited has introduced a building technology into Nigeria from Eco-Building Inc., San Diego, California, U.S.A. to provide first hand solutions to our housing problems.

The combined team of professionals and the Board of Directors provide the experience and expertise needed to achieve the Eco Housing Development dream in the new millennium.

Copyright (c) 2005, Eco-Building Systems Nigeria Limited